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The ILL User Club

Welcome to the new ILL User Portal!

The ILL User Club provides online access to all the information and administrative tools for our scientific visitors.
Users with particular responsibilities have privileged access to other tools, according to their role.

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Messages from User Club:
  • Your proposals will once again be visible after transfer to our database.
  • Submitted proposals will be evaluated during the Subcommittees meeting on 3-4 November 2020
  • COVID-19: we ask each visitor coming to the site to complete this questionnaire.
    Please submit it at least 48 hours before you arrive on site to the following address: In order to prepare your visit, please read carefully the working procedures for visitors on site:
  • You MUST wash your hands when you arrive on the site, and as often as possible thereafter.
    - It is obligatory to wear a mask whenever moving around the site. You should bring your own masks with you onto the site. They should be changed every 4 hours.
    - The physical distance between individuals is now 1 metre. If this is not possible you MUST wear an FP2 mask (provided by you).
    - It is not obligatory to wear masks in offices without air-conditioning, as long as you can keep 4 sq. metres per person.
    - You must wear a mask if you are sharing an air-conditioned office with others. No need for a mask if you work alone in an air-conditioned office.
    - The water fountains are still not to be used. Bring your own water.
    - You must air your work place every 3 hours for 15 minutes.
    - Please verify with the French embassy in your country about whether quarantine measures are required.
  • The User Club is open for proposal submission all year (unavailable for a couple of weeks after the proposal deadlines).
    Next Proposal deadline: 15 February 2021 (midnight central European time)
  • From the 1st September 2019, the ILL began introducing administrative screening ('criblage') for all persons requiring access to building ILL5 (Level C and D).
    Once the screening application has been validated and access granted, an information message will be added to your personal data on your User Club account. More information here:
To take full advantage of the new 'User Club' functionalities, please update your browser to the latest version.